Important information for all passengers who are travelling
2017-03-31 20:07:13 

Important information for all passengers who are travelling beyond the Schengen area As from Friday, 07/04/2017, stricter border checks will take place for all passengers (Belgians & EU-nationals ... 

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Additional measures Threat level 4

Dear airport user

Because of the terror attacks on Brussels airport and the incidents in our capitol threat level 4 was declared.
Because of this several additional measures of our airport security plan are activated, which may cause additional delay.

At the moment flights arrive and depart as planned. 

For more flight information please verify on the website of your flight provider.
The airport management will inform the passengers about further evolution of the measures.

Flight information can be requested by telephone on the number 03/ 285 65 00

We ask your patience for any possible inconvenience.

Kind regards
Wim Verbist


2016-03-22 11:09:40

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