New airline powdair launches route to Sion
2017-06-13 13:12:09 

Press releaseNew airline launches, opening up route into heart of the Swiss Alps New airline powdair has launched ticket sales through its website with a winter schedule that links Sion A ... 

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Antwerp Airport parking

Antwerp Airport parking



7d/7d en 24u/24u

Economy Parking (520PP)

- up to 24 days: 8,00 EUR per day ( with max. 72,00 EUR)

- from day 25: 3,00 EUR per extra day

Premium Parking (317PP):

- 1,50 EUR per hour, starting 5th hour: 1,00 EUR per hour with max. 10,00 EUR per day

- uo to 24 days: 10,00 EUR per day  ( with max 90,00 EUR )

- from day 25: 4,00 EUR per extra day


Front Parking (38PP):

- 3,00 EUR per hour with max. 15,00 EUR per day

- up to 4 days: 15,00 EUR per day

- from day 5 till day 24: 20,00 EUR per day ( with max. 160,00 EUR )

- from day 25: 15,00 per extra day

All these parking areas visitors have the option to acquire a parking subscription.

Information about these subscription can be requested by sending an email to

Remarks, complaints or tips involving the parking service can be reported here.

The parking is operated by BESIXPark. More information regarding the parking can be found on following website:  Parking website