New airline powdair launches route to Sion
2017-06-13 13:12:09 

Press releaseNew airline launches, opening up route into heart of the Swiss Alps New airline powdair has launched ticket sales through its website with a winter schedule that links Sion A ... 

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We welcome you at Antwerp Airport and wish you a pleasant flight.


Checkin timing 

Antwerp airport is working with different airliners at the moment who each have their own guidelines for arrival and check-in at the airport.

Cityjet / VLM Airlines
Start Checkin: 60 minutes before departure
Closing Checkin: 30 minutes 
before departure

Start Checkin: 90 minutes before departure
Closing Checkin: 30 minutes before departure

Start Checkin: 120 minutes before departure
Closing Checkin: 20 minutes before departure

Passenger rights

Passenger rights

In case of long delay, double booking or cancellation of your flight the airline should assist and/or compensate you under certain conditions.

More information on or in the leaflet:

  Leaflet passenger rights Leaflet passenger rights (pdf)

Passengers with reduced mobility

Procedure for passengers of Cityjet

Cityjet offers special facilities and assistance for passengers with limited mobility to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. A disabled person or a person with reduced mobility should request assistance no later than 48 hours prior to departure, in order for Cityjet and the airport to guarantee assistance.

Wheelchair passengers may be accepted without an escort provided they are able to make the flight without difficulty or special attention. Only wheelchairs and mobility aids weighing 60kg (132lb) or less (excluding battery) can be accepted for travel.

Folding wheelchairs will be carried free of charge in addition to the normal baggage allowance.  Wheelchairs that are powered by spillable or non-spillable types of battery are acceptable for carriage on a Cityjet aircraft. The battery must be disconnected and securely attached to the equipment and the leads must be insulated. Special packaging and labelling is required for spillable batteries and must be arranged before travel.

Wheelchair facilities can be provided at the airport for customers who are completely immobile and cannot walk unaided, or are unable to climb the aircraft steps, or cannot walk long distances.

Passengers requesting special needs and booking via the call centre must advise the sales agent of their requirements at the time of booking (minimum 48 hours in advance). Please kindly contact our call centre (immediately after booking and at least 48 hours before flight departure) when booking online, to ensure that your special requirements can be accommodated on the chosen flight.

Cityjet will offer “meet and assist” services for elderly passengers. These services, as supplied by Cityjet, comprise of: meeting the customer at immigrations or on the aircraft (when required), helping them with hand luggage (standard allowance), and rendering assistance in immigrations/customs procedures.

Cityjet will also allow for help in identifying checked baggage and arranging for porter services (if available), assisting with eventual onward transfer flight(s), or accompanying/guiding the customer to the arrivals hall/terminal where meet and assist services must end. Help with onward surface transportation will be limited to pure administration/translation facilitation.

We recommend that you check-in one hour prior to departure.


Procedure for other passengers (charters, private and business flights)

Upon arrival at the airport passengers can call +32-3-285.65.20 for assistance.